Whisky Dinner at the Archipelago

On Friday 20th of May, we will arrange a dining experience with whiskey tasting.


Our evening begins with a whiskey tasting where we sample four great whiskeys at 4pm and the evening continues with a four-course dinner at 5pm.


The whiskey tasting will be held by Möet Hennessy Whiskey Brand Ambassador Juho Lokka, whoms colleagues call the whiskey rocket.

Juho has been working with whiskeys since 2001. His great passion is Scotch whiskeys, which he learned from Dr. Kirstie McCallum in Scotland in 2014.


Our chef Lauri Saarikoski has created a wonderful four-course menu for the evening, which works great as a taste pair with whiskeys.



Salmon ceviche, rainbow trout roe and blackberry

Grilled black root, seaweed and marjoram


Smoked trout and early cabbage with juniper


Milk chocolate creme brulée and black currants

dinner price 64 €
whisky tasting price 40 €

* you can only take part in the tasting if you wish so 

** For more information about the event, call our restaurant on +358 40 129 0033 or email restaurant@thebaro.fi