Our hotel's accommodation buildings are modular buildings. When thinking about the concept of our hotel, ecology and preserving nature were important cornerstones in our design. The accommodation buildings are built from Finnish heartwood logs, which are only felled no more than 100 kilometers from the sawmill. Modular construction also made it possible to build indoors, which saved us from possible damage caused by the weather during construction. On our plot, the first work phase was the construction of footbridges between the buildings, so that the soil would not be trampled during the construction phase. The accommodation buildings were lifted into place on their feet, allowing the ground beneath them to live and grow its own life.


Towards more sustainable tourism - our promise is that our hotel will be carbon positive as early as 2023.


In our hotel, we only use renewable energy sources - 100% wind power. During 2023, we will install solar cells, which will allow us to produce a large part of the energy we use.


We sort our waste and avoid individual products packaged in plastic. We donate discarded textiles to those who need them. To avoid plastic waste, we use refillable ceramic bottles for laundry products.


We prefer cooperation with local operators so that the carbon footprint of the products and services we use is as low as possible.

In our restaurant, we prefer ingredients produced nearby or sourced from responsible operators. We avoid food waste by offering our guests, for example, a personally covered breakfast.


Sustainable Travel Finland Sustainable Travel Finland label will make it easier for travel trade and travellers to recognise a tourism company and destination that takes sustainability seriously. The label is only awarded for those companies and destinations that have undergone the entire Sustainable Travel Finland programme and fulfilled the criteria.

Green Key is the world's leading tourism environmental label. There are already more than 3,700 Green Key-certified destinations in a total of 60 different countries.


We Speak Gay is a community of rainbow-friendly businesses and events. We work against racism, homophobia, transphobia and all forms of discrimination.